The following information is to give you a bit of an idea of the type of club Guildford Smoke is and what we are about. Guildford Smoke was started in early 2000 by EIHA Coach Steve Parker to give those with little or no hockey experience as well as those with experience the chance to play this exciting sport. So we have a fairly wide range of playing abilities from novice to ENIHL.

We have a minimum age limit of 18 to comply with the EIHA child protection policy but no upper limit. Players of either sex are welcome for which separate changing and showering facilities are available. Training is every saturday night at Guildford Spectrum arena from 2315 on ice to 01.00. Training consists of both drills and scrimmage. All team members have full equipment, anyone wishing to take part must also have full equipment. Limited loan equipment may be available along with secondhand kit that may be for sale by members. Don't hesitate to contact us for more details. NB. Players born after 1974 must wear a minimum of a half visor.

Training Costs Anyone wishing to join must must be registered with the EIHA for insurance purposes at an annual cost of £50, application forms will be issued by the club. Training fees are paid monthly by standing order and are currently £40 however your first sessions for trial purposes will be £10 on the night payable before going on the ice.

For training purposes the club provides training jerseys either black or yellow returnable at the end of the night. If you have a jersey with mostly black or yellow you are welcome to wear that during training. For playing in registered games you will be required to purchase team jerseys through the club currently at a cost of £80 pounds for both home and away jerseys. We recommend black shorts and black or white helmet and socks can be red and white.

As a recreational hockey team playing for fun we play non checking hockey.
Generally as a recreational club playing non-checking hockey there is no hitting permitted either in games or at training. All members are asked to ensure an appropriate level of contact and to show respect for everyone on the ice.

The consumption of alcohol before going on the ice is strictly forbidden. The committee is responsible for the overall running of the club, any significant issues will be referred to the whole team before any decisions are made, whilst you cannot please all of the people all of the time it is our objective to try and do so.

To sum up we are a friendly easy going group of guys who love the game of hockey and hope you will enjoy playing along side us. .... See you on the ice.